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  • Tegund: Stuttmynd/Short
  • Lengd: 98 mín
  • Frumsýnd: 18. September 2015

Fjöldi stuttmynda sem sýndar eru í tilefni af 30 ára afmælishelgi Bechdel prófsins. Ókeypis inn.



Lost In Revision / Fiction 6 min. Sweden /Director Alba Lange

X and Y retell an evening, and they remember it clearly – enhanced, stretched, adjusted and blocked, as remembering turns into revisioning…

Prepare For the Enlightenment / Documentary 7 min. Australia /Director Maximilian Reinthal

Ingress transforms the reality around you into a game of spies and secret agents – But where does reality end and the game begin?

Where is Don? / Drama 10 min. Albania /Director More Raca

Freedom of speech is violated; the life of journalists are constantly at risk and they live unprotected under a nightmare of threats. Usually they are targets of groups of interest, involving the government.

Stories From the Wars / Art Film 5 min. Sweden /Director Freja Andersson

What do we remember?

Life Style / Drama 12 min. Turkey /Director Gozde Onaran

Two secretaries find out, during their lunch break, that their dreams of affluence have the potential to poison their friendship.

One Of Many / Documentary 6 min. Sweden /Directors Clara Norén, Amanda Fors Åkesson, Jasmine Wahlström, Jens Zingmark

Sonia didn’t dare to skate at the local skateboard club but during women’s separatist days a community grows between the girls at the riding area.

Susanne Goes Singel / Comedy 14 min. Sweden /Director Lena Hanno-Clyne

Susanne bears a little too much. An accident at the camping site is the start of a very intensive day where she gets another perspective of her life.

Grace under Pressure / Comedy 9 min. United Kingdom /Director Jen Moss

Grace is the black sheep of an otherwise spectacularly successful family. When she gets invited to a family reunion, she turns to her friend Laila for guidance.


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