Yfir móðuna miklu (Droga na drugą stronę / Crulic – drumul spre dincolo / Crulic: The Path to Beyond)


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  • Tegund: Anime - Teiknimynd, Drama, Ævisaga/Biography
  • Leikstjóri: Anca Damian
  • Ár: 2011
  • Lengd: 73 mín
  • Land: Pólland, Rúmenía
  • Tungumál: Romanian with English subtitles
  • Aðalhlutverk: Sandrine Bonnaire, Vlad Ivanov, Jamie Sives


This partly animated documentary feature is about a man who goes on a hunger strike to protest the unjust treatment he’s receiving. Claudiu Crulic, a 33-year-old Romanian, was accused of stealing the wallet of a famous judge. This unwarranted accusation led to Crulic being jailed for a couple of months, without trial. Left alone, Crulic battles against the system, a struggle that leads to his death. The film refers to real events that took place in Poland in 2007.

Screened November 14th at 18:00. Free entrance.