Private: Pólsk kvikmyndavika // Polish Film Week (Tydzień Filmu Polskiego)

A Strong Blow // Mocne uderzenie


Engar sýningar

  • Tegund: Grín/Comedy, Tónlist/Music
  • Leikstjóri: Jerzy Passendorfer
  • Ár: 1966
  • Lengd: 78 mín
  • Land: Pólland
  • Tungumál: Polish


Jumping twenty years ahead, while Beatlemania is in full swing, its impact even breaks through The Iron Curtain. Hundreds of thousands of young Poles let their hair grow freely and wear the most colorful clothes they can possibly get. A Strong Blow brings out the joy of this cultural phenomenon in a comedic fashion. Kuba has a doppelganger, a big–beat singer, who’s rapidly growing popularity causes him more and more trouble. Soon even his wedding is in jeopardy.