Private: Pólsk kvikmyndavika // Polish Film Week (Tydzień Filmu Polskiego)

Forbidden Songs // Zakazane piosenk


Engar sýningar

  • Tegund: Drama, Tónlist/Music, Stríð/War
  • Leikstjóri: Leonard Buczkowski
  • Ár: 1946
  • Lengd: 97 mín
  • Land: Pólland
  • Tungumál: Polish, German


The street chants collected in Forbidden songs weren’t written specifically for the film itself. The actors impersonated real Varsovians who sang them in trams, staircases or squares right under the nose of invaders. Despite the potentially fatal consequences, the songs could be heard almost daily during the Occupation of Poland (1939–1945).  The film shows the steadfast spirit of this generation and is one of the main reasons why this movie is still so relevant for the Poles today, even 70 years later.