Private: Reykjavik World International Film Festival



Engar sýningar

  • Tegund: Drama
  • Leikstjóri: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh
  • Ár: 2015
  • Lengd: 63 min
  • Land: Bandaríkin
  • Tungumál: English
  • Aðalhlutverk: Ian Doherty, Alyssa Marchelletta

Myndin er sýnd á Reykjavík World Film Festival, helgina 1. – 3. apríl 2016.


When he finds out his girl is pregnant, a troubled teen changes his ways and tries passionately to prepare for fatherhood, but he has an extremely hard time to cope with the unexpected and shocking challenge he is facing ……

How two kids deal with life’s unexpected events.


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