Private: Reykjavik World International Film Festival

Stolen Path


Engar sýningar

  • Tegund: Drama - Rómans
  • Leikstjóri: John Banovich
  • Ár: 2015
  • Lengd: 91 min
  • Land: England
  • Tungumál: English
  • Aðalhlutverk: Mark Anthoney, Jacob Brkopac, Robert L. Duncan

Myndin er sýnd á Reykjavík World Film Festival, helgina 1. – 3. apríl 2016.


Stolen Path is set amidst the idyllic landscape of the Croatian countryside in the early twentieth century. Based on a true story, it follows Victoria as she matures from a spoiled privileged young girl to a woman who follows her heart. As she chooses her future, her life shatters in a tragic and unexpected way.

A story about forbidden love…. and love lost.