Private: Reykjavik World International Film Festival

Escapes / Huidas


Engar sýningar

  • Tegund: Drama
  • Leikstjóri: Mercedes Gaspar
  • Ár: 2014
  • Lengd: 88 min
  • Land: Spánn
  • Tungumál: in Spanish with English subtitles
  • Aðalhlutverk: Huichi-Chiu, Ciberto Rabal

Myndin er sýnd á Reykjavík World Film Festival, helgina 1. – 3. apríl 2016.


China is a young American photographer, hispanic-chinese origin, who comes back to Spain for his father burial. In crisis for this lost, she start a jorney across the peninsula.

In that scape, she will discover truths hiding inside her, so the pain caused by their parents breakup, her way to evade the suffer in life, her detachment of the family and her sense of guilty about her bad relation with his father, she is freeing.

In her way, she found travellers who help her, or guide her, but she also lives terrible moments, wich she will recover in a residence for battered woman. There she meets Caddy Adzuba (the famous reporter from Republic of the Congo) and discover the unimaginable pain of other womans who make her mature and face life otherwise.

Travel Journal, and fantastic tale, through love, death, family, friendship, and art.