Edvard Munch: Exhibition on Screen


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  • Tegund: Myndlist
  • Ár: 2016
  • Lengd: 89 min
  • Land: Noregur
  • Frumsýnd: 18. Nóvember 2016

Ekki missa af hinni stórbrotnu sýningu sem sett var upp í tilefni af 150 ára fæðingarafmæli Edvard Munch, lykillistamanni í nútímamyndlistarsögu sem sett var upp í Osló.

A splendid idea!’ – Stephen Fry

‘A completely different experience of viewing an art exhibition’ – The Nordic Page

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Föstudaginn 18. nóvember kl 20:00

Laugardaginn 19. nóvember kl 18:00

Athugið að árskort og klippikort Bíó Paradísar gilda ekki á þessa sýningu


In 2013, all of Norway celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of Edvard Munch (1863 – 1944), one of the towering figures of modern art.

This has been hailed a “once-in-a-lifetime show”. Global interest was huge – not least as a result of one of his four The Scream (pictured) paintings having recently set a public art auction record of $120 million. Many know Munch as the man who painted The Scream, but his complete works are remarkable and secure his place as one of the greatest artists to have ever lived.

Munch 150 was co-hosted by the National Museum and the Munch Museum, both in Oslo. With 220 paintings on show, it brought together the greatest number of Munch’s key works in one place.

Once again, the event film will be going behind-the-scenes to show some of the process of putting the exhibition together — as well as providing an in-depth biography of a man who lived from the mid-19th century right through to the German occupation of Norway in the Second World War. Special guests will also offer their expert insight and knowledge to host Tim Marlow. Munch 150: A superb show and a fantastic event film.


November 18th – Friday at 20:00

November 19th – Saturday at 18:00

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