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  • Tegund: Leikhús
  • Leikstjóri: Jamie Lloyd
  • Ár: 2022
  • Lengd: 180 mín
  • Land: Bretland
  • Frumsýnd: 9. Nóvember 2022

Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) er í aðalhlutverki í uppfærslu Breska Þjóðleikhússins, sögu um ást og einmanaleika. Ekki missa af The Seagull eftir Anton Chekhov í útgáfu Anya Reiss í leikstjórn Jamie Lloyd.

Aðeins tvær sýningar

9. nóvember kl 19:00

12. nóvember kl 15:00


The Seagull by Anton Chekhov, in a version by Anya Reiss
directed by Jamie Lloyd

Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) makes her West End debut in this 21st century retelling of Anton Chekhov’s tale of love and loneliness.

A young woman is desperate for fame and a way out. A young man is pining after the woman of his dreams. A successful writer longs for a sense of achievement. An actress wants to fight the changing of the times. In an isolated home in the countryside, dreams lie in tatters, hopes are dashed, and hearts broken. With nowhere left to turn, the only option is to turn on each other.


NOVEMBER 9TH 2022 at 7PM

NOVEMBER 12TH 2022 at 3PM



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